Digital Twin LabΒΆ

The SMOL team is managing the Digital Twin lab at the University of Oslo (Lab Room 8270, OJD), a laboratory for exploring software for Digital Twins directly on physical setups, financed by the Institute of Informatics.

The laboratory is currently containing one greenhouse, which contains several basilikum plants, which are pair-wise connected to water pumps. A SMOL controller software, connected to the sensors of the plants through InfluxDB, and using an asset model as the underlying knowledge graph is used to ensure correct watering of the plants.

This page will be updated as the laboratory grows, and the setup will be openly available once development of the software has reached a stable state. We are currently extending the laboratory with a mirte robot, a fermentation station and an incubator

For questions, contact the lab managing team
  • Eduard Kamburjan

  • Chinmayi Baramashetru